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My name is Stephen Dziadik PA-C. I am a veteran of the United States Air Force, a recently retired cardiac surgeon and, a twenty year coach of baseball and softball.

I’m originally from Poughkeepsie, NY and have lived in Tarpon Springs, FL since 2015.


I’ve had to step down from my role in heart surgery as a physician assistant as I have been diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis. Thankfully it’s not my heart. 

I have coached various sports for twenty years: Baseball, softball, football, soccer. My life has been dedicated to helping people and i’d like to continue this path. That is why i developed Hippos in Training or H.I.T. 

In my opinion, the most often underserved sections of youth baseball and softball  should be considered the base of the organization. The tee ballers. Not only the new players however, but rather the newly volunteered coaches, eager to do their best. That is the target of our program. To teach coaches how to run and manage a youth baseball or softball team.

Our mission is bridge the gap between new coach and new softball/baseball player in order to decrease the learning curve associated with being comfortably proficient in both arenas.

We utilize the hippo mascot and logo because the "hips" and lower body are the core parts involved with the game of baseball and softball. The coaching tools, online videos and website support will inspire and empower new coaches to teach and train the children utilize proper form and fundamentals.

Learning the game should be fun, running a team should be fun and educational. We’re here to ease the learning process.

I am the CEO of hippos in training or H.I.T. Let’s make youth baseball and softball about hippo’s and happiness!


Our Roots

At H.i.T., we utilize the hippo or “Hipps” as our mascot for several reasons which the kids really enjoy. My son has had “Hippoey” for almost three years and sleeps with him every night, in any location. As I worked on the website for Hippos in Training for our Bibliography portion of HaH, the creativity segment to the program. I was highlighting the main reasons we love one of the baddest vegetarians on the planet and our mascot Hippoey and Hipps.

Hippo FACTS 100%


  1. The “Hipps” are crucial in generating power and velocity in swinging a bat and throwing a punch.

  2. They open their mouths a whopping 180 degrees, that’s wider than an alligator!

  3. They are one of the fastest land animals on the planet reaching up to 30km!.

  4. They demonstrate territoriality, great for teaching useful aggression at SS, pitching or batting.

  5. They Secrete BloodSweaT…wait, WHAT??? There's no crying in baseball, only BloodSweaT


we are a humanitarian based organization that supports children, animals and our planet. our goal at HiT is to change the status quo of Youth baseball and softball coaching.

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