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PRESS RELEASE 11/20/2023

Colombia Set to KILL/Cull Wild Hippo Herd, Sparks Eco-Revolution: BloodSweaTTM Seeks to Help Hippos with Humane Relocation and Groundbreaking Products


“BloodSweaT Inc. is raising awareness for the significant crisis growing in the heart of our Amazon River Rainforest. We have coordinating with Congresswoman Luna's Office and the USDA to call for an immediate halt to the use of the experimental sterility drug, GonaCon, and to stop the killing of any of the 200+ hippo herd in Colombia.”


MIAMI, Nov. 20, 2023 – Humanitarian organization, BloodSweaT officially announced its launch to address the ongoing Colombian hippo crisis and imminent herd culling*, tackling the eco-challenge with relocation efforts while exploring the unique properties of naturally made hippo "blood sweat" in innovative new products.


Founded by a Disabled USAF Veteran and 25-year Cardiothoracic Surgical APP, Stephen P. Dziadik MHS, PA-C, BloodSweaT formed from a passion for life, humanity, and to provide potential solutions to various eco events. Inspired to start the company after studying firsthand the plight of the famous “Cocaine Hippos” left behind in Colombia by Pablo Escobar, Dziadik’s team investigated the affected areas during a recent expedition. What he discovered after interviewing the locals was informative and shocking.


“I toured the most diverse ecosystem on our planet and we talked to the folks who live around the waterways and towns where the hippos roam,” explained Dziadik. “I entered the Magdalena River and encountered a large wild male hippo – I named him Hugo. This whole hippo problem has many variables. For instance: The hippopotami or Hippopotamus amphibious, spend 16 hours a day in the water. They are considered semi aquatic, at times, napping upside down, instinctively resurfacing for air as required. But when this happens in a river, they occasionally float off while they sleep, widening their range to unknown locations downstream.”


The rapidly breeding populations of hippos in the area have risen to unknown numbers and locations. They are freely roaming across the land. Many solutions have been tried over the years to slow their growth, including the experimental sterilization medication GonaCon which is currently purchased by the USDA from China and sold to Colombia for use on the hippos.


“But it is unsuccessful,” Dziadik explained. “The drug has a mere 46% efficacy in tested, caged animals. And it was never meant to be used on hippos. After harpooning their thick skin with these GonaCon needles, the hippos then float away. At times getting massive skin infections from the murky waters. Those infections, along with the hippo’s own waste products, ultimately pollute the water people drink from.”


Hippos are generally just territorial, not aggressive – mainly in the river and especially with their newborns – and there have been no human casualties reported. The hippos can cause other problems though, including human-hippo interactions, pollution of the local and public waterways, and the displacement of people, fish, birds, turtles, otters, manatees, caiman, capybaras, and other native species. Especially when one of the creatures is the avant-garde Inia geoffrensis, the boto, bufeo, or the pink Amazon river dolphin. “That’s when I said we have to be involved now. It's time to make a difference. That’s why BloodSweaT was created. Call it CPR for the CAP.”


“I’ve already discovered that a second hippo has been confirmed dead, near Puerto Berrio,” said Dziadik. “The shooting of Pepe the Hippo in 2009 sparked media outrage, which outlawed culling as an option in 2012. But that’s all about to change again.”


Culling was recently put back on the table this month when Colombian Environment Minister, Susana Muhamad, reintroduced it as a solution for the crisis. It is now legal to kill hippos in Colombia.


“And with countless reports of human-hippo interactions occurring daily, Its common knowledge that baby hippos are taken from their parents and sold regularly and illegally. The babies are stolen from their mothers and carted out in small cars to unknown locations, often completely outside of the region. They are sold for $1800 each. Their true range is unknown.



“We’ve started our efforts to help by distributing BloodSweaT collection bins to participating medical organizations with C.A.R.P., which stands for Collection and Repurposing Program. We pick up clean, unused medical items which would otherwise be thrown away, and we’ll organize and ship these repurposed supplies to Colombia to support the veterinary teams in a program we call Hippo Hop. We are also committing proceeds of all our apparel and product line to help fund this project throughout completion.”


BloodSweaT – Making a Difference, One Product at a Time 


First studied in Africa during the 1980s, “blood sweat” is a multifunctional compound that serves as a Bug repellent, Antibiotic, Antiseptic, Lotion, and Sunscreen (B.A.A.L.S.). Comprised of two unique substances,hipposudoric (pink) and norhipposudoric (orange) acids, it turns crimson upon exposure to the air. This distinctive alchemy inspires BloodSweaT’s avant-garde product and apparel line, blending functional utility and high-end fashion with a cosmic philosophy in the healthy spirit of mutualism and philanthropy. 


“We’ve started by launching a few introductory products, while others are still in production. But they all provide a way to give back to the animal that makes it possible. And rapper Kiddo K is helping promote our efforts as well, with his songs ‘G.O.A.T.’ and ‘Pablo Escobar,’” said Dziadik.


View and order products, learn about and watch the “Hippo Hop” efforts, and stay informed on the latest updates and news by following BloodSweaT on social media: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. #BloodSweaT #BloodSweaTDriP #BloodSweaTDroP #HipposInTraining #HIT #HippoHop 




About BloodSweaT™


BloodSweaT is a pioneering humanitarian organization dedicated to highlighting the wonders of hippopotamus sweat to support environmental conservation and humanitarian missions. The company's flagship products begin by assisting with the humane relocation efforts of the invasive hippos in Colombia. Considered CPR for your CAP, BloodSweaT will be linking with other organizations working to preserve and encourage mutualism with our host, planet Earth.

Learn more at: 


“Our organization was formed initially with Children, Animals, and our Planet in mind. We often say, ‘No Cap’ – because we are determined to spread our humanitarianism where it is needed. BloodSweaT inc. is new, but we feel our expansion potential is limitless.”


Media Contact:  


Stephen P. Dziadik, MHS, PA-C

CEO BloodSweaT, Inc.


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